Order Form for HGMS Cabochon Templates
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Template 1

 Template #1: Marquise cut


Template 2

 Template #2: 1 x 1 Tongue


Template 3

 Template #3: 1 x 2 Tongue


Template 4

 Template #4:


Template 5
Template #5:

Template 6
Template #6:

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 Price for any 2 templates: 



 Price for any 3 templates:



 Price for any 4 templates:



 Price for any 5 templates:

 Price for all 6 templates:

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Be sure to fill in your phone and e-mail information above. Tax, handling, and postage included in all the above pricing for residents of the contiguous United States. Customers not living in the U.S. may e-mail templates@hgms.org for pricing. Print this form and indicate which templates you want to order. Enclose payment by check or money order made out to "Houston Gem and Mineral Society." 

Mail to:    Houston Gem and Mineral Society
               10805 Brooklet
               Houston, TX 77099
               Attention:  Lapidary Section

Shipment will be made within 30 days of receiving your order.

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