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The Paleontology Section of the HGMS was formed in October of 1968 to bring together persons interested in fossils for the following purposes:
  1. To form informal study groups and/or formal classes to increase knowledge of paleontology. 
  2. To exchange and compile information about fossils and collecting localities and to write and publish information on fossils.
  3. To encourage individuals to exhibit fossils and participate in the annual HGMS show as well as in regional club shows in order to educate and interest the public in paleontology.
  4. To contribute to interest in the science of paleontology whenever possible.
  5. To undertake group paleontological projects for the benefit of the Section.

This is a cooperative group, and each member shares the many benefits as well as the few tasks by volunteering services according to each member's abilities.

MEETINGS Program meetings are held the third Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:30 p.m. at the Houston Gem & Mineral Society clubhouse. The November meeting is the annual dinner and auction.

PROGRAMS consist of lectures by professional geologists and paleontologists and our more advanced members, slide presentations, fossil auctions or swap sessions, Show & Tell periods where members share their recent findings, mini-lessons for review, field trip planning, fossil identification sessions, etc. To see information on upcoming programs for all Sections and the General Meeting, click here.

FIELD TRIPS of one to three days are held once a month most of the year weather permitting. These field trips typically are held one or two weekends after the monthly meeting. The field trip committee arranges these trips. Trips to various museums and university geology departments are also planned. Members provide their own transportation, lodging, lunches, beverages, equipment, etc. Carpooling is encouraged. Liability agreements occasionally are needed (provided by the Section) due to landowner requirements. If there are restrictions on the number of visitors, preference is given to Section members.
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CLASSES are offered on a regular basis. The Introductory Paleontology course is offered by experienced volunteer instructors from the Section. This course is 6 weeks long, meeting once per week. Students take a field trip at the conclusion of the class. It is usually offered each year. The Advanced Invertebrate Paleontology course is taught by professional paleontologists. It is 12 weeks long, meeting once per week. A field trip is taken at the conclusion of the class. Both classes include a course manual with reference material which can be used for specimen identification.

EXHIBITS by Section members at the HGMS annual show, the South Central Federation (SCFMS) annual show, the national (AFMS) show, and at other regional club shows bring trophies and awards to the individuals who exhibit and bring recognition to the HGMS. These exhibits and awards encourage other interested persons to join our club and to show what they have collected. These exhibits are both competitive and noncompetitive.

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See the Paleontology Library Index, or download the library Excel spreadsheet by clicking the Excel spreadsheet blue link with the right button and selecting "save link as"--about 0.5 megbyte.