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Last updated 3/18/2008


Middle School Program that educators may request to be presented at their school.
      I will leave one of our Rock/Mineral/Fossil kits for school use at the end of my presentation.

Contact (replace AT with @--I am trying to reduce spam) or call me at 713-661-3494. You are likely to get a faster response with e-mail because I am frequently on a field trip.

You are welcome to borrow these scripts.

Rock Cycle and Animal Adaptation in a PDF format - 0.2 meg each

Rock Cycle and Animal Adaptation in a Microsoft Word Format - 2 meg each


A popular activity is a geology tour of downtown Houston, using the building stones as examples of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock. Contact me for a conducted tour.

PDF text file   map


Our Links pages contain many teacher resource sites that have a variety of activities:

Here is our Mineral Scavenger Hunt List.

Suggested Preshow homework for All: (already on the Rock and Mineral Web Links page)
    Mineral Baby

K-3 Preshow homework suggestions:
      Is Animal, Vegetable or Mineral  p. 2, 3
      Farming Long Ago & Today p. 6, 7
      Plants and Minerals  p. 7-15
      Classroom Full of Resources

4-5 Preshow homework suggestions:
     A Classroom full of Resources
     Bright Smile from Toothpaste and Minerals
     Major Coal Fields of the U.S. theEarth.pdf
    Word Searches p. 6-8
flip book of Sue the T rex running... Students bring flip books to the Show to compare Stan with Sue.

6-8 Preshow  homework suggestions:
    How Much Does it Cost to Light the School p. 18, 19
    Clothing Matters p. 11-14
    How Do We Use Our Land p. 26-30
    Volcano p. 5
    Model of a Volcano p. 24-25
    Clothing Matters
    Sound of Music
    Geology & the Natural Resources educational site developed by women for earth science education
    Fourth of July Fireworks
    Makeup a  Wealth of Minerals
    Minerals and You

Additional suggestions: Crystal Models Tyrannosaurus Sue at the Field Museum  MATS