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2017 HGMS Show Flyer

Our 2017 Show will be held November 10-12, 2017.
This will be a COMBINED 2017 show--HGMS and SCFMS.
We are hosting the SCFMS, our regional federation.
Be sure to mark it on your calendars.

2016 HGMS Christmas Party--filmed by John Mitscherling--CLICK HERE

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The Houston Gem & Mineral Society not only has eight Special Interest Sections (Paleo, Mineral, Lapidary, Faceting, Day Light, Beading, Archaeology, and Youth) meeting on a monthly basis, it also holds a monthly General Meeting during which Club business is conducted. All members are encouraged to attend. The General Meeting is held at the clubhouse on the fourth Tuesday of each month (except December) at 7:30, and much effort goes into the selection of great programs. The clubhouse is located at 10805 Brooklet, Houston, Texas 77099. Visitors are encouraged, and they are welcome at all of our meetings. You'll be glad you came! To see a map with our location, click on the "Our Location" link found near the top of this page.

Scroll down for information about the General Meeting and the eight special interest Sections. Photo galleries and information sheets are available with most of them. Run your mouse arrow over the photographs and over the links. If the arrow changes to a hand while over a photo or over a link, click on it to see the attached file. The names of each Section (i.e., Archaeology Section) are linked to an explanatory page about that Section. (These pages were extracted from a failed 2016 effort to launch a totally new Web site, and they contain additional information about the Sections.)

(The SCFMS, AFMS, and ALAA logos can be seen above on the right, and clicking on them links you to their Web sites.)


General meeting attendance

General Meeting
General Meeting Monthly meeting during which Club business is conducted and members from all Sections can get together.

A great program follows the business meeting. Clicking on the General Meeting link (above) accesses information about the General Meetings. Clicking on the photo accesses additional photos.

LaRoche Arrowheads

Archaeology Section
The Archaeology Section is the newest HGMS section. It originated as the Archaeology Group in 2010 and was recognized as a Section in 2011. They meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. Each meeting focuses on a different archeological topic, and members are encouraged to bring interesting artifacts to show. They are very active and have many field trips each year. Click on the link above to learn more about the Archaeology Section, and click on the points (on the left) for additional information.
Interesting Archaeology Links

Beading Show Case

Beading Section
Meetings are held the third Saturday of each month at 1:30 p.m. A new project is presented almost every month. At our meetings, all levels of expertise are available to assist beginner to advanced. Please come join us.

The exhibit case holds many beading projects completed by the members and was displayed at the 2008 HGMS Show. Photos of Beading Section cases displayed during past shows can be seen on the Annual Show page.

Interesting Beading Links


Day Light Section
The Day Light Section of the HGMS consists of members who find it difficult to attend the evening meetings of the Society. Our daytime meetings are usually hands-on with the members working on projects in paleontology, lapidary, jewelry making, silversmithing, and faceting. Occasionally our meetings are travelogues when a member has an interesting trip to relate to the group. We are a social group and always welcome visitors and new members. Clicking on the Day Light Section link accesses information about the Section. Clicking on the photo accesses additional photos.
Interesting Day Light Links

Faceted Topaz

Faceting Section

The HGMS Faceting Section meets every second Wednesday at the HGMS clubhouse. Meetings start at 6:30 p.m. We would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to our meetings! To see the upcoming topics for the Faceting Section meetings, click on the Upcoming Programs link (near the top of this page) to see information for the various Sections and the General Meeting--then scroll down to the Faceting Section.

Faceting Information
Interesting Faceting Links

Agate and Quartz


The Lapidary Section is interested in working stone and metal into finished works of art, craft, and jewelry. This Section includes beginners, experts, and every level in between. The shop in the clubhouse has all the tools you might need to get started, and expert advice is never in short supply.
Interesting Lapidary Links

Lapidary Section
R.O.L.E. Program

Lapidary Templates

Lapidary Fieldtrips

Lapidary Silversmithing

Lapidary Projects

Mineral Section

We are a group of collectors interested in studying minerals in their natural unmodified state, which also includes learning about where and how they are found, how they were formed in the ground, and how they can be extracted from the rocks that shelter and conceal them. Our members range from "pepple pups" just starting their collections to experienced amateur mineralogists whose breadth of knowledge serves as the backbone of the Study Section's resources. We also have a library that contains mineral-related books, magazines, and articles available for study and research.

Clicking on the Mineral Section link accesses information about the Section. Clicking on the photo accesses additional photos.
Interesting Mineral Links

The Paleo Section features meetings, programs, classes, trips, and publications concerning fossils. We exchange and compile information about fossils and collecting localities. Individuals are encouraged to exhibit fossils and to participate in the annual HGMS show as well as in regional club shows in order to educate and interest the public in paleontology. Group paleontological projects are undertaken for the benefit of the Section. 

Interesting Paleo Links
Paleo Field Trips

Field Trips for Petrified Wood
d Wood Articles

Paleo Library

Paleo Scholarship

Kids in the shop

Youth Group

The Youth Section is supervised by an experienced youth leader and is for children from 5 through 17 years old. Concepts in earth science, shop and tool safety, and lapidary skills are taught. Activities during the first hour of each meeting can include making rock critters, jewel tree construction, bead work, and other jewelry design. Children are then allowed into the workshop to create individual projects under the watchful eyes of the shop supervisors. Parents must be present to supervise their children during the entire session. This is NOT a babysitting group.

Clicking on the Youth Group name accesses information about the Section. Clicking on the Just for Kids link (below) brings up a page with interactive puzzles and pages of a Diamond Dan magazine. Clicking on the  photo accesses additional photos.
Just for Kids
Interesting Youth Links


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HGMS Publicity Committee:
Their purpose is to increase public awareness of HGMS and its focus on educating the public about earth science and related fields and arts. The committee has set up the following pages. Please view these pages and "LIKE" HGMS.

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